Upcoming Events

Grind Time


The Grind Time Showcases are in its second year of operation. The Showcases are designed to give student-athletes early exposure to competitive basketball while giving them a chance to acquire game film. This is a great marketing tool in the recruiting world and has very beneficial for the student athlete to use directly. Our Family finds the majority of our event teams from our showcases, so not only do they get exposure from us, they also get exposure from the different events we have them compete.

Charleston Pro-Am

The Charleston Pro-Am is in its 2nd year of operation and has been a great success in the Charleston basketball scene. We give the high school and college (Amateur) student-athletes the chance to play with the elite and professional players. We have created a great family atmosphere that allows the players to display their talents and entertain the city of Charleston.

Team Camp Tour

We are in our 2nd year of taking high school student-athletes on a team camp tour.  We go to the campus of Universities during the summer, to allow student-athletes the ability to play directly in front of college coaches against other high school players from different states. This is an amazing tool that allows student-athletes to obtain scholarships on the spot and/or in the immediate future. We look forward to anther year of tours giving our student-athletes maximum exposure.

Playing Recruiting Tour

We are in our 2nd year of taking players looking to acquire a college scholarship directly. We give the student-athletes the ability to compete against the College or Universities team and recruits for a chance at a scholarship and a spot on the roster of that College or Universities basketball team. Every College or University has offered at least one player a scholarship every time we have attended an event.

843 Recruiting


17 Scholarships

3 Years